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"5 "Must Have" Resolutions to Make NOW for a Future-Ready Website" - November 19, 2014

- Future-Ready Website presentation slides

- Future-Ready Website recorded presentation

- Future-Ready Website Webinar: Q&A...

"Improve Patient & Caregiver Experience Across the Care Continuum in Just 60 Days" - October 8, 2014

- Improve Patient & Caregiver Experience presentation slides

"Content is King- But WHAT Content?" - June 4, 2014

- Content is King presentation slides

- Content is King recorded presentation

- Content is King Webinar: Q&A...

"Physician Engagement: Communication Leads to Growth" - March 20, 2014

- Physician Engagement presentation slides

- Physician Engagement recorded presentation


2012 - 2013 WEBINAR SERIES

"The Power of Strategic Research in Building Your Healthcare Brand- June 27, 2013

- Strategic Research presentation slides

- Strategic Research recorded presentation


"Are Hospital Print Communications Becoming Obsolete?" - May 22, 2013

- Hospital Print Communications presentation slides

- Hospital Print Communications recorded presentation

- Hospital Print Communications Webinar: Q&A...


"Managing Your Online Listings and Reputation- Why It's a Mess and What You Can do About it" - March 21, 2013

- Managing Your Online Listings presentation slides

- Managing Your Online Listings recorded presentation

- Managing Your Online Listings Webinar: Q&A...


"The Future of Physician Relations- Post Reform" - October 4, 2012

- The Future of Physician Relations- Post Reform presentation slides

- The Future of Physician Relations- Post Reform recorded presentation

- The Future of Physician Relations- Post Reform: Webinar Q & A

- Recommended Reading:

Case Study: Communication- A Lesson in Strategy for Referral Building

2012 CHG Physician Sales and Service National Benchmark Survey

CHG Physician Relations ROI: How to Gain Return on Your Investments

2010 CHG National Best Practice Survey Executive Summary


"Marketing Leadership - Coming from Outside of Healthcare" - August 30, 2012

- Marketing Leadership presentation slides

- Marketing Leadership recorded presentation

- Marketing Leadership Webinar: Q&A


Adding the "e" to Grow Market Share in Cardiovascular Service Line
- presented as part of "Maximum Impact, Minimum Dollars" at 2009 Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
- Click Here for a one page summary of "Adding the "e""

Every Subscriber Counts
- measuring ROI for consumer health e-newsletters

Physician Satisfaction
- measurable results from the addition of MedNews Plus




"Next Generation Content - the necessary evolution of Healthcare Websites" - August 24, 2011

- Next Generation Content presentation slides

- Next Generation recorded presentation

- Next Generation Content Webinar: Q&A

- Recommended Reading:

2010 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, AHRQ - www.ahrq.gov/qual/qrdr10.htm

2011 Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions - http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/Insights/centers/center-for-health-solutions/index.htm

Mind the Gap: Peer-to-Peer Healthcare - http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/20-Mind-the-Gap.aspx

The Rise of the e-Patient: Understanding Social Networks and Online Health Information Seeking - http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/20-Mind-the-Gap.aspx



"Communicating with Physicians - Learnings from the Pharmaceutical Industry" - July 21, 2011

- Communicating with Physicians presentation slides

- Communicating with Physicians recorded presentation

- Communicating with Physicians Webinar: Q & A



"Social Media - To Be or Not To Be" - May 5, 2011

- Social Media presentation slides
- Social Media recorded presentation
- SHSMD Emerging Media Handbook
- Social Media Sample Decision Flowcharts

- Additional Q & A on "GeoVoices" the Geonetric Blog

- For sample Social Media Policies, visit these sites:
Found in Cache - Social Media resources for healthcare professionals by Ed Bennett
Social Media Governance - online database of Healthcare Social Media policies

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