Active Daily Living

Healthcare systems that use Active Daily Living can:

  • Engage caregivers and seniors with personalized advice and on-going communication
  • Offer actionable insights for caregivers on how to help facilitate meaningful care for loved ones
  • Provide solutions for increasing patient and caregiver satisfaction with the health care system
  • Incorporate a strong Population Health program impacting on their patients and community

Positioning you as a Leader:
In meeting the needs of Seniors and Family Caregivers

Hospitals and healthcare providers are more vital than ever in helping the growing population of seniors andfamily caregivers. You can further enhance your relationship with the community you serve through Active Daily Living as you:

  • Build out your population health strategy with personalized, actionable advice designed to engage seniors and family caregivers
  • Improve your performance to meet or exceed Affordable Care Act standards for increased patient satisfaction and reduced readmissions rates
  • Increase patient acquisition as you promote your expertise in helping the aging adult population achieve their health goals

A novel online program:
That highlights your organization's expertise

Active Daily Living is a one-of-a-kind program that positions your organization'sunique expertise in caring for today's aging population and family caregivers. Program includes:

  • Implementation, training and ongoing marketing support
  • Content developed by OTs, PTs, RNs, and CAPS and supported by evidenced-based research
  • Customized templates and promotional materials branded to your organization
  • Repurposing rights for program materials
  • Social media content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Responsive Design optimized for your user's PC, tablet, or mobile device

Understanding the needs of the aging population and their families
That highlights your organization's expertise

Active Daily Living modules include:

  • Lifease 360°™ Proprietary ADL and IADL* assessments and personalized action plans for aging in place, maximizing health status and living independently
  • QuickCare Tips 100s of practical no- and low-cost ideas that support functional skills for self-care and maintaining independence
  • Caregiver Navigator™ Information and insights on how to advocate for your loved one with healthcare professionals to design the best care plan. Available online and in print.
  • Senior and Family Caregiver e-News Hospital-branded e-newsletters with customized, medically-reviewed content with CRM tools
  • Family CareGuide™ Online archive with 100s of easy-to-search, professionally developed articles on today's most pressing caregiving topics

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