Emilie Ansel serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Private Health News (PHN). Prior to stepping into the CEO role, she served as Area Vice President of Business Development at PHN for nearly 10 years, where she oversaw new client development and relationships, collaborated on marketing strategic initiatives, and worked closely with the team on vision and product development. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Carl H. Linder College of Business. Emilie frequently speaks at National Conferences with an emphasis on how content marketing can not only create meaningful communication channels for healthcare organizations but also how it can help people become advocates in their own care. In her free time, she enjoys travelling to destinations with limited cell coverage, reading about the elusive ‘day off’, and walking her dog Sadie (who actually walks her).

Chad has over 21 years of diverse IT experience including product development, DevOps, architectural design, and analytics. He has successfully led companies in a variety of industries such as insurance, eCommerce, IT consulting and Healthcare. Chad brings a unique perspective to the table by blending advanced technical expertise with an understanding of business operations and healthcare. Before joining Private Health News, Chad cofounded Active Daily Living, a population health platform focused on identifying, tracking and managing functional limitations and environmental hazards of at-risk seniors. He also served as Director of Technology Solutions for an international healthcare company and Vice President of Technical Services for a leading niche eCommerce vendor. He has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from The Ohio State University. When not slinging code, Chad enjoys watching football, scuba diving and spending time with his family and 4 children (well most of the time).